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Adventurous Latvia Holidays

In Latvia holidays are all about nature and history at their most unspoiled and well-preserved. From the sandy beaches of the coast to the mountainous, forested interior, you will be spoiled by the number of beautiful sights and attractions Latvia has to offer.

Getting there:

Most people will travel to Latvia by plane, arriving at Riga International airport, though it is also possible for international travellers to get to Latvia by car, bus, train or boat. Some even cycle or walk in along coastal routes from the neighbouring countries. However you get to Latvia, you can be sure that an adventure of culture, history and stunning scenery awaits.

What to See:

Visit the beautiful old town of Riga and explore the historical streets and harbour. Riga houses over a third of the population of the country. It has many German art nouveau buildings, and a mediaeval city centre. Don’t miss the Cathedral, the many churches and ancient guilds, or the ‘three brothers’ – the oldest dwelling houses in Riga. Also see the Freedom Monument, a potent symbol of Latvian independence.

Also see the musical seaside city of Liepaja. There are surprisingly clean and unspoiled beaches here, and the city also houses many beautiful old wooden buildings, the longest amber necklace in the world at the Craftsman’s House, and the biggest church organ in Latvia at Saint Trinity Cathedral.

Make sure to see the sandy shoreline, and also, if you have time, explore inland, where people live more traditional Latvian lives on farms and in the forest.

What to Do:

Latvia is an adventure playground for outdoor sport enthusiasts. Here you can kayak the coastline, or down white-water on rivers after the snow melts. Before it does, why not go skiing or snowboarding in one of the mountain resorts, like those found at Ramkalni, Baili and Zviedru Cepure? In summer, you can swim, windsurf or kite-surf on the many sandy beaches, for example the one at Karosta. Latvia has one of the longest sandy beaches in Europe. All year round, you can hike and trek in Latvia’s breathtakingly beautiful National Parks, Gauja and Slitere. Need to unwind after all that exercise? Head for the spas at Jurmala resort, which also boasts another excellent beach.

Wherever you choose to go on your Latvia holiday, whether you head for the hills, or content yourself with the history and culture of the major cities, you are sure to find yourself falling in love with this Baltic gem.