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Adventurous Lithuania Holidays

Lithuania is a proud country with a strong cultural history and identity. It can be a little odd at times, but has forged a quirky modern vibrancy since it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1990. Lithuanians tend to be more exuberant and open than their Baltic neighbours, so you are bound to get a warm welcome wherever you go.

Getting There:

There is a large International airport at Vilnius, and a smaller one used by some carriers by the sea at Palanga. Budget airlines sometimes land at Kaunus International Airport. For some destinations in the North of the country, flying into Riga airport in Latvia might be a good option. International travel by road and rail is largely easy and unobstructed. Cycling is also a popular way to get around in this region.

What to See:

Vilnius is a thoroughly beguiling and affordable city with some interesting oddities. Explore the old town, where Baroque buildings line little cobbled streets. It is here you will also find the University, one of the reasons for the vibrancy of this intriguing city. Don’t miss the Neo-classical Cathedral or the unexpected statue of Frank Zappa.

Lithuania’s unique historic heritage can be further explored by visiting Trakai Island Castle and Kaunas Castle. For insight into Lithuanian culture visit the Hill of Witches, which is covered with sculptures from Lithuanian myth and legend. Also be sure not to miss the Hill of Crosses, which is a fascinating pilgrimage site with over 100,000 crosses.

Across the country there are many historic manors, hill forts and other archaeological sites to be seen.

First and foremost among Lithuania’s many attractions are the forests, lakes and rivers of the stunning and romantic natural scenery of the country.

What to Do:

Explore the unspoiled natural wonders of the Lithuanian countryside in the country’s five National Parks and 30 regional parks. See in particular the picturesque waterfalls, pristine woodland and forested inland dunes. Walking is extremely popular here, as is cycling, and bicyclists are well catered for on many long-distance routes that run throughout the country, and neighbouring ones. Horse riding is also a common pastime for locals and tourists, and canoeing, kayaking, boating and rafting are all possible in a number of locations. Adventurers may also be interested in exploring the country’s subterranean world in caves and abandoned underground tunnels, or trying dog sledding, or archery. This country is an Arcadia for lovers of outdoor extreme sport.

Lithuania is a welcoming if eccentric country of wilderness, history and outdoor thrills.