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A Right Royal Baltic Cruise

Royal Caribbean run a twelve night cruise which takes in some highlights around the Baltic Sea. The Brilliance of the Seas departs Harwich, England, taking in six ports in total. (Though the itinerary can be subject to change.)

Facilities on board the ship:

The Brilliance of the Seas cruise ship was recently refurbished and renovated. It is a state of the art vessel with the latest in dining and entertainment experiences. There is a good mix of relaxation and excitement, and fun for all the family with plenty to keep the kids busy. One of Royal Caribbean’s ‘radiance’ class vessels, this ship has more choice of speciality dining, an adventure beach area for children, and self levelling pool tables. Stunning sea views are framed in the floor to ceiling glass windows and glass lifts take you swiftly and safely where you want to go. All in all, it is unlikely that you will get bored on ship days, while there is still space to take yourself off to a quiet, peaceful corner if you so wish.



After a full day at sea following the day of your departure from Harwich, you will reach the clean, fresh city of Copenhagen. This is a pedestrian friendly place, where you can stroll along the city centre’s upbeat waterside streets and enjoy the café culture and excellent museums and galleries.


Another full day at sea, following the Swedish coast up the Western Baltic, and you will reach Stockholm, birthplace of the Nobel Prize, and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. One third of the city is water, one third is green space and the city’s buildings, stretching over fourteen islands, are a mixture of breathtakingly beautiful historic architecture, broad boulevards and sleek modern design.


The next day you will arrive in Helsinki, Finland, sitting on its rocky promontory overlooking the Baltic Sea. This city has a different character to the other Scandinavian Capitals, owing much more to the East for its architecture and layout. In the early 19th Century, after a devastating fire and Finnish Independence, the city was almost completely rebuilt. Today it retains its wide streets, and neoclassical, empirical style brick buildings.

St. Peterburg:

This cruise visits St Petersburg next, and you will stay in port there over night, giving you plenty of time in the jewelled crown of Russia. This city has had several name changes over the years, and a turbulent political history, but the opulent grandeur and beautiful architecture have remained. None of the old-world charm of this lovely city has been lost, but still it has kept up to date with the modern world, and now offers first class dining, retail and night life experiences. It is more Western in outlook than other Russian cities, but still has a distinctly Russian feel.


Day nine of the cruise, and you have reached Tallinn, Estonia. This quirky little city is an unexpected fairytale delight. It offers a range of picturesque historical sights as well as the café’s, bars, clubs and restaurants that you would expect in what is fast becoming a popular weekend break destination for European backpackers.


Another full day in the Baltic Sea will take you to the final port stop, Gothenburg, Sweden. This grand port has a relaxed vibe, and imposing neo-classical architecture between its large parks full of sculpture and art.

Just one option for your Baltic cruise, you are sure to have enjoyed your twelve days exploring the varied delights of the region.